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High strength high modulus polyethylene fiber manufacturers introduced its performance

(1) Excellent impact resistance
UHMWPE fiber is a thermoplastic fiber with low glass transition temperature. It has good toughness and absorbs energy in the process of plastic deformation. Therefore, its composite material still has good mechanical properties at high strain rate and low temperature. The impact resistance is higher than that of carbon fiber, arylon fiber and glass fiber composites. The specific impact total absorption energy Et/ P of UHMWPE fiber composite is 1.8, 2.6 and 3 times that of carbon fiber, aramide fiber and E glass fiber, respectively. The bulletproof ability of UHMWPE fiber composite is 2.5 times higher than that of aramide fiber. The impact strength of UHMWPE fiber is almost the same as that of nylon, and the energy absorption of UHMWPE fiber under high speed impact is twice that of PPTA fiber and nylon fiber. This performance is very suitable for making bulletproof materials.
(2) Good bending performance
High molecular weight polyethylene fiber has good bending properties and can form knitting coils and knotting heads without breaking. The bending properties of glass fiber, carbon fiber and arylon fiber are poor. The comparison of processing properties of various fibers shows that high molecular weight polyethylene has high bonding strength and ring forming strength, and UHMWPE fiber has better ring forming performance than aramid fiber.


(3) Creep resistance of fiber
The creep performance of HSHMPE fiber depends on the temperature and load of the operating environment. The creep performance of HSHMPE fiber at 35℃ and 1g/d load is shown in Table 3. Compared with the conventional fiber, the creep resistance performance of HSHMPE fiber is excellent.
(4) good moisture resistance and chemical corrosion resistance
Because of the simple chemical structure of polyethylene, it has good corrosion resistance. Products made of this fiber will not lose their strength by contact with acids, alkalis, dirty sea water, etc. UHMWPE fiber has a high molecular orientation and crystallization, the cross-sectional area of macromolecules is small, so the chain arrangement is close, so as to effectively prevent the erosion of water molecules and chemical reagents, so that it has a good solvent solubility resistance. Spectra fibers retain their strength completely when immersed for half a year in a variety of media, such as water, oil, acid, and base solutions. The Spectra fiber retains its strength after immersion in water for up to two years and is also resistant to biological corrosion. Table 1 -- 8 lists the strength retention of Spectra fiber and Kevlar fiber in various chemical media. UHMWPE fiber macromolecular chain does not contain any aromatic ring, amino group, hydroxyl group or other chemical groups vulnerable to active reagent attack, the crystallinity is high, so the strength in various caustic environment is maintained at more than 90%, while aramid fiber in strong acid, strong base decreases greatly.
(5) Wear resistance
The wear resistance of the material generally decreases with the large modulus, but for UHMWPE fiber, the trend is the opposite, this is because of its low coefficient of friction, so it has a high durability. Spectra900PE fiber rope has 8 times higher breaking cycle number N than aramid fiber, and has higher wear and bending fatigue strength than aramid fiber. Because of its easy processing, it has a good application prospect in industry. Wear resistance of UHMWPE in the plastic crown, several times than carbon steel, Huang Gang wear-resisting, its wear resistance is dozens of times more than ordinary polyethylene, and with high relative molecular mass, the wear-resisting performance is further improved, but after when the relative molecular mass reaches a certain value, its wear resistance is no longer change with high relative molecular mass.
(6) Electrical insulation and light resistance
The transmittance of UHMWPE fiber reinforced composites to radar waves is higher than that of glass fiber reinforced composites because of the low dielectric constant and dielectric loss values and few reflected radar waves. The dielectric constant of polyethylene material and the power saving loss value are small, which are suitable for the manufacture of various radomes. In addition, the dielectric strength of UHMWPE is about 700kV/mm, which can control the transfer of arc and electric spark.
Even after 1500h illumination, the strength retention rate of UHMWPE fiber is about 68 percent, while other fibers are below 50 percent.

Post time: Aug-15-2022