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It is mainly used for the composite of clothing fabric, polar fleece, non-woven fabric, wallpaper, leather, sponge, woven fabric, SPE,TPU, PU, PE, EVA, PVC and other materials. Widely used in clothing, automotive interior, shoes and hats, luggage, decoration, home textiles and other industries.
Continuous weft free cloth preparation equipment and process, belongs to the field of mechanical technology, the equipment from front to back is arranged in order to lay wire equipment, release paper unwinding equipment, multi-roll hot pressing equipment, release paper unwinding equipment, isolation film unwinding equipment, cutting device, winding device, the hot pressing equipment is equipped with a pressing hot roll and pressing cold roll; The winding bracket of the release paper winding equipment is provided with a release paper stripping device; The isolation film unwinding equipment comprises the isolation film unwinding box, the front of the box is provided with a transition roller, the middle of the box is symmetrically provided with a pressing roller; A rotating shaft is symmetrically arranged between the supports on both sides of the cutting device, and a preset number of toothless circular saw blades are arranged on the rotating shaft. The beneficial effect of the invention is that the equipment and process can effectively continuously produce unidirectional weft less cloth, cut off and rewind neatly, operate conveniently, have low cost, effectively prevent fiber breaking, twisting and other problems, and improve the production quality of weft less cloth.

Post time: Nov-25-2022